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Triangle Borea Bluetooth HiFi Speaker BR03BT - Pair


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Triangle Borea Bluetooth HiFi Speaker BR03BT  - Pair

Great power, quality sound and many connection options.

Bluetooth HiFi Triangle Borea BR03BT - 120W sinus power and excellent connectivity The Borea BR03BT speaker is designed for placement on a speaker stand where it will work optimally. Your ambiance will also be nicely enhanced by placing it on a TV cabinet or bookshelf. For easier ambient adjustment, you can choose from five colors and protective fabrics.


The primary use of the Borea BR03 triangle:

As a HiFi stereo system
As a 2.1 house cinema with an optional tie
Particularly good in the premises between 12-40m2



Bluetooth HiFi Triangle Borea BR03BT can boast digital and analog inputs, including a turntable, Bluetooth 5.0 with APTX Code, and an active subwoofer.

So no problem connecting the digital TV, CD player, or Streamer to the system, analog turntable, and wirelessly stream music from the phone via Bluetooth. Did you know? APTX technology provides CD sound quality via Bluetooth.


 A sonic show:

Expect natural and precise sound, almost at the ESPRIT EZ series level. Borea "imported" the mid-term unit from the higher collection and supplemented it with silk-soft high-tone.
16.5cm bass mid-tone high-pointed high-point membrane will present a vivid and dynamic sound image and a tireless sound. The sound cabinets weigh over 14 kg, which means that you will not hear the housing, but the sound as if you would come from the entire space. They boast excellent anti-vibration housings.


1 x 16.5 cm bass-silt
Compact design
Bluetooth with APTX
Input for a turntable
Digital and analog inputs
Exit for an active subwoofer
trendy color finishes

Technical details:

A two-system speaker
Frequency range (+/- 3 dB) [Hz] 47-22,000
Sensitivity [dB] 90
Nominal resistance [ohm] 8
The power of the built-in amplifier [w] 120W RMS (60W on the channel)
1 x 25 mm soft silky high-tone with diffuser
1 x 165 mm bass mid-pointed pulp
Turns: AUX Mini-Jack 3.5mm, Opto Toslink, Coaxial, RCA (Line/Phonomm)
RCA exit

Dimensions (VXSXG) [mm] 360 x 206 x 314
Weight [kg] 14.2 /pair
Remote and power cable in the package