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MAG-LEV AUDIO Production And Coronavirus Precautions!!!
MAG-LEV AUDIO Production And Coronavirus Precautions!!!

The World's First Levitating Turntable

MAG-LEV Audio’s ML1 Turntable visually enhances the experience of listening to vinyl records by levitating the platter. By joining our love for music with careful integration of technology and high-range audio components, we’ve created a turntable of the future for the medium of the past.

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Once the visuals, the pyrotechnics and pomp and circumstance, of this unique turntable are familiar, you’ll start discerning sonic performance and you’ll notice it’s one marked by a sense of smoothness and easy listening.

SoundStage, Australia

This machine filled me up with confidence in the restoration of humanity. It is a symbol what mankind can reach if it only has the will to reach it!

AUDIO Magazine, Germany

The electromagnetic drive is another highlight that makes the ML1 an impressive milestone in hi-fi history for me.

Lite Magazine, Germany

The ML1 is not a toy, but a bona fide joy of an audio invention that I thought I would never see in my lifetime!

Positive-feedback, United States